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Different photo jobs:

  • Events (wedding, confirmation, baptism, birthday, etc.)
  • Products (for commercial purposes)
  • Portrait pictures (for examples of portrait photos, click HERE)

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Guided photo tour

The photo tour is aimed at beginners and intermediate experienced photographers.
Usually photo tours last between 4-6 hours but can be adjusted as required
Maximum number of participants: 8 people

A Photo tour will include the following:

  • Aperture: focusing on the impact of this setting when taking a picture
  • Shutter speed: we will focus on what this means and what the possibilities are, by choosing the right setting
  • Selecting the right ISO and an explanation about its impact when taking a picture
  • Insight on photo composition
  • How to take a picture and achieve the effect you want. How the human eye perceives the image and how to make the camera “see” the same image?

Price DKK 1500, – (for a group of up to 8 people)


Different lecture topics:

  • How to take pictures during ‘Blue Hour’
  • How to take landscape pictures
  • How to take pictures at night
  • How to take portrait pictures
  • How to get the best pictures during social events (wedding, confirmation, baptism, birthday, etc.).

The presentations will include tips and explanations on how to get the pictures you want and which equipment you’ll need. The pictures shown during the presentations are taken by me
After the presentations, I would include pictures from the participants, if they are interested. I will give my opinion about the pictures and what could have been done differently to improve them. The pictures from the interested participants should be sent to me prior , so I would have time to organize and include them at the end of my presentation.
Price DKK 1500, –

Photo Editing Course / intro

Learn how to edit your photos and get the best out of them
Editing will be done using the program Lightroom 5 (remember to bring your own photos)
Maximum number of participants: 4 people
Price: DKK 400, – per person